It's alive!!

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good guys car show oct. 2017

We call this truck "Frank" It's a 1962 F100 Uni body. This truck came with a freshly rebuilt 292 y block so we chose not to change the motor. We contemplated putting an automatic transmission behind the y block which we discovered to be very expensive to retro, so we found a machine ship in California called Mummert machine who could modify the original transmission bell housing to fit a T5 mustang transmission. 

We wanted to lower the truck and resto mod the brakes and suspension, so we installed a grand marque front end and did a flip c notch to the rear. This dropped the truck 6 inches and gave us the ability to have IFS and disc brakes on the front, which we also added a brake booster to complete the improved brake system. The truck now has a fantastic ride and great braking ability. 

The interior and the engine compartment are the only areas we refreshed with paint and new products to make for a stunning appearance. The outside of the truck was left with its 52 year old original paint to express a natural patina that is so much desired in the new era of Hot Rods

Special touch to the finished product was our glove box personally signed by Dave Kindig of Kindig It Designs.

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This project will be a complete restoration.  We started with the replacement of the old suspension and installed a new Helix mustang 2 front suspension.  Plans for custom interior, a small block Ford with AOD transmission and custom paint. Reveal date of this finished product will be May 2018.